Ascension EP

by Avalon Steel

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Avalon Steel's first EP, Ascension. Traditional heavy metal with some power metal influences.


released June 28, 2014

Tommy Parnelle - Vocals
Ross Thompson - Guitar
Sean Kane - Guitar
Nick Canada - Bass
Nick Kane - Drums



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Avalon Steel Charlotte, North Carolina

Avalon Steel is a young heavy metal band hailing from Charlotte, North Carolina. Aiming to bring back the classic sounds of old school acts such as Savatage, Liege Lord, Black Sabbath, and Candlemass, Avalon Steel are sure to appeal to all who crave that classic sound. ... more

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Track Name: The Winter King
In the age of lords as war raged ever on
As the heathen host harried the lonely isle
Came the time of Pendragon’s only son

Born in the black month, hail the winter king
Glorious new kingdom, dawn of the new spring
All hail the winter king
All hail the winter king

With old Uther dead time called for a new lord
Seasons of endless winter of cold and death
War rages on for the wolf, dragon, and boar

Son of kings, veins flow with Aurelian blood
Born of the dragon but heir to the eagle
Power within to fight the Saxon flood

To unite the kingdom all under one crown
Lord of the Britons in stone is his fate
The one and rightful heir, all bow down
Track Name: Curse of the DoomWraiths
Ghost and Goblins scour the earth
hear their unhallowed cries
nevermore will color resume
eternal blackened skies

Curse of the doomwraiths
ceaseless misery
Curse of the doomwraiths
burden with fear

ancient spells, warlocks of time
they ride with obsidian steel
pray for the absence in mind
cannot break free of the dark

See how the light dims as they come
riding from wasteland to shore
nothing can stop them, no, not a thing
ready to consume life forces
Track Name: Trapped In A Nightmare
Playing by his game, playing by his rules
Situations, driving me insane
Nowhere to run, nowhere to hide
If I don't kill, we all die inside

Awakening, the killer in me I'm
trapped in a nightmare, trapped in a nightmare
trapped in a nightmare

Cannot escape this damned house
We're playing his game, of cat and mouse
I can't take no more, something's gotta be done
We're playing his game, he's already won

Figure in the dark, sunrise is near
Pull the trigger, oh the end is here


None may leave this place alive!